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[2016-12-19]the Middle East Tourist Association Made a Visitation to Asiastar
The chairman of tourist association from the Middle East area made a formal visitation to Asiastar in December 5th, 2016. The client has been developing in a close relationship with Asiastar in the early days, getting the first understanding of the company. With the guidance of salesman, the delegation took a tour around the chassis, welding, painting workshops and the advanced bus manufacturing e Details>>
[2016-11-21]The Delivery Ceremony of the First Batch of Asiastar Buses was Held in United Arab Emirates
Successfully and ultimately, the batch of Asiastar buses was sent to UAE distributor on October 26th, 2016. The distributor company is a comprehensive professional team which focuses on the sales and services for engineer mechanism, generating set, truck and especially bus with the working experience more than 15 years. The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the first batch of Asiastar buses was held in t Details>>
[2016-10-28]Yaxing celebrates the 70th birthday of Weichai Group
As a subsidiary of Weichai Group, Yaxing imbued with blessing celebrates the 70th birthday of the Group in different ways, reviewing the past and hoping for a bright future and sustainable development.Founded in 1946, Weichai Group is the only enterprise that possesses vehicle machine, powertrain,luxury yacht and key parts four business platforms in China. It is an interdisciplinary, multi-industr Details>>
[2016-08-11]The Middle East Clients Visit Yaxing
The Middle East has been constantly one of the most influential trade cooperation partners for China, playing an interconnected role in the time-honored history of the Belt and Road. As a leading enterprise in bus manufacturing industry, Yaxing has been taking part in the bus projects by contacting the Middle East clients from different places, and received favorable feedbacks and constructive sug Details>>
[2016-07-14]South East Asia Delegation Visit Yaxing
As a pioneer and practitioner in the bus manufacturing in China, Yaxing has been entered the South East Asia market and gained respectable achievements with the assistance of Weichai. The pleasing appearance, excellent quality and economical cost performance of Yaxing products are increasingly appealing to overseas customers around the world.With generous support from Weichai Singaoore, we are pro Details>>