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[2020-03-25]Enhance Risk Containment to Ensure Vehicle Export
Recently, a delegation from Jiangsu Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “SINOSURE”), came to Asiastar for a visitation. The two sides had a free and sincere exchange of taking full advantages of export credit insurance and assisting Asiastar to deal with the influence of COVID-19 for the sake of vehicle export advancement.SINOSU Details>>
[2019-11-04]Asiastar Buses Exported to Angola Again
How time flies! 2019 is the thirteenth year for the cooperation between Asiastar and Angola customers. On October 25th, a grand ceremony was held in the Yangzhou Asiastar Industrial Park – 22 intercity buses delivery ceremony for Angola, and the VIPs from the company made their attendance of the ceremony.“Starting from the first cooperation with Macon in 2006, we have exported Details>>
[2019-10-29]Distinguished Guests from Pakistan Visit Asiastar
Recently, the distinguished clients from Pakistan paid an official visit to Asiastar. The qualified products, considerate service, comprehensive and reliable company qualifications and credibility, and favorable prospects are important reasons why attracting them to come to our plant.With the guide of Asiastar overseas sales manager, the guests toured around all advanced the workshops, R & D c Details>>
[2019-08-14]Asiastar Kingkong Haj Buses Build up Saudi Arabian Royal Haj Fleet
300 Asiastar Kingkong Series haj buses were delivered to the Saudi Arabian clients in July last year, and the superior quality, excellent performance of the buses and the considerate after-sales service of Asiastar has gained their highly praises. Additionally, the customers establish Saudi Arabian Royal Haj Fleet with this batch of buses again for the pilgrimage to Mecca this year. With the hard Details>>
[2019-08-09]New breakthrough: Asiastar City Buses Exported to Uzbekistan, Manifesting “Intelligent Manufacturing in China” One More Time
On August 3th 2019, a grand ceremony was held in the Yangzhou Asiastar Industrial Park – 60 city buses delivery ceremony for Uzbekistan, which represents a new breakthrough in Uzbekistan´s import of public transportation from China. Delightfully, the distinguished guests from Uzbekistan, the general manager of Asiastar---Mr. Wu Yongsong and other senior executives made their a Details>>

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