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Service engineers or distributors will explain the performance, maintenance, fault handling and other common sense of coaches of Yangzhou Asiastar Bus Co., Ltd. (“Asiastar”) to you, tell you how to operate the coaches correctly in order to extend their service life and decrease energy consumption. More comprehensive and thoughtful trainings will be arranged and conducted for you if you buy more than 10 coaches.

New intercity coach registry

Each owner of Asiastar intercity buses shall go to the local service station of Asiastar to handle the registry procedures related to the intercity bus(es) bought from Asiastar within 10 days after returning to the settlement location. The relevant local service stations shall be responsible for checking the operation conditions of coaches after the coaches reaching the settlement locations, eliminate the potential dangers in order to escort trips of Asiastar’s coaches.

Free running-in maintenance

You can enjoy the free-of-charge compulsory runing-in maintenance service after your bus(es) has (have) run 1500~2500 km

Return visit

Local service station or distributor will call you within 1 month upon delivery of the coach(es) to remind to keep on the daily maintenance. In addition, the local service station or distribution will pay return visits through calls irregularly to inquire the use of and degree of satisfaction with the coach(es).

Service assurance

Free 400 service hotline is set up in headquarter and employees will provide 24h interactive voice response service to deal with the failures of your car in time.

Service response: we provide 7×24 maintenance service for you. You can call our hotline if you meet any quality problem during use of your coach(es), and we will response to you within 1 minute, and complete the maintenance of your coach(es) within 24 hours (except for times when any special accessory is needed)

Urgent maintenance service: for areas within 100 km, maintenance personnel shall reach the field where the fault happened within 4 hours; for areas within 200 km, maintenance personnel shall reach the field where the fault happened within 8 hours; for areas over 200 km, maintenance personnel shall reach the field where the fault happened within 12 hours (except emote and border areas);

Service process 

We will handle everything concerned after you call the unified service hotline of Asiastar : 400-887-9020 (or overseas sales hotline) whenever you need any help.

Our service station will receive you in time and establish the maintenance records for each of your coach.

We will organize service engineers to provide door-to-door service at the agreed time if necessary.

Product failure identification personnel will check you bus(es) carefully to judge the reason(es) of the failure, and professional maintenance technician will repair the coach(es) and eliminate the fault(es) in time.

Professional quality inspector will check and test the bus(es) carefully after completion of the maintenance to ensure that the maintenance quality and the coach performance meet the requirements. Meanwhile, they will update the maintenance information to the customer management system of Asiastar synchronically.

Quality warranty policy

Each coach supplied by Asiastar enjoy quality warranty within 12-24 months or 80,000-180,000 km travelled distance (subject to grades of the coaches) after delivery thereof, provided that the owners operate, maintain and store the coaches correctly in strict accordance with the Instruction Manual and the Service Manual (including instruction manuals of different parts and accessories) . However, Asiastar will repair or replace you coach(es) bought from Asiastar if there is any failure out of or caused by design, material, manufacturing, assembling of the coach(es) to make sure that the coach(es) can be used normally (see theService Manual of Coaches of Asiastar” for details).

Supply of Accessories

Asiastar has established professional accessory suppliers in different regions to provide accessories for you in time.

Lifetime Services

Asiastar provides lifetime maintenance and accessory supplying service for each coach sold.


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