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Enhance Risk Containment to Ensure Vehicle Export

2020/3/25 0:00:00



Recently, a delegation from Jiangsu Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “SINOSURE”), came to Asiastar for a visitation. The two sides had a free and sincere exchange of taking full advantages of export credit insurance and assisting Asiastar to deal with the influence of COVID-19 for the sake of vehicle export advancement.

SINOSURE said that it would further give better policy services to export enterprises with several measures such as providing a comprehensive guidance about short-term insurance to help the companies handling with the pandemic; strongly supporting them to develop international markets and significant clients based on its exclusive resources; and more importantly, giving assistance to them for the improvement of risk control and their credit management system, especially for the overseas accounts receivable.
Asiastar expressed its heartfelt welcome for the visit of SINOSURE , being grateful to the generous support from SINOSURE for the Saudi Arabia Project. Overcoming hardship and difficulty during the coronavirus, SINOSURE gave a quick approval of the Project, which was definitely the most effective protection for the overseas orders of Aisastar. Mr. Wu Yongsong, the CEO of Asiastar, said that with the continuous expansion of Asiastar’s overseas markets, not only shall we have a more mature international business philosophy, but more significantly, we shall strengthen the ability to deal with the risks of buyers’ credits. In the deteriorating economic situation this year, the two parties should work closely to establish a more comprehensive risk management and control system to ensure the sustainable and stable development of the enterprises.
      The both parties have become consistent with each other in further cooperation objective through this friendly and prominent conference. Additionally, they believe that Chinese companies will break through the current difficulties and the global trade will grow on the right track again very soon.

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