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Asiastar Listed on Chinas 500 Most Valuable Brands

2014/7/2 10:53:33

On June 25, 2014, the 11th China´s 500 Most Valuable Brands 2014 was released on the World Brand Summit held by World Brand Lab. 25 brands of relative industries including food and beverage, textile and garment, media, information technology, household electrical appliance, automobiles, energy and so on, among which Asiastar ranks 361st, with brand values of 4.915 billion yuan. 

  Asiastar Receiving Certificate of China´s 500 Most Valuable Brands
Asiastar Receiving Certificate of China´s 500 Most Valuable Brands

As a trailblazer of Chinese bus industry, Asiastar has over half a century’s history in Chinese automobile industry and has broken numerous records in Chinese bus industry.With investment from Weichai Group, Asiastar has undergone an important historical change. By taking full advantages of Weichai’s technological research and development, market development at home and aboard and service network, Asiastar has strengthened its strategic collaboration with Weichai and thus improved its overall competitiveness.

Asiastar´s ranking in China´s 500 Most Valuable Brands is the best proof of Asiastar´s comprehensive strength and the dedication of every Asiastar members as well as customers´ high recognization.

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