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Strengthening SINOSURE Cooperation to Ensure Export Business

2019/3/15 0:00:00


On March 8th 2019, the general manager of Asiastar---Mr. Wu Yongsong, led a team to visit the Jiangsu Branch of China Export & Credit InsuranceCorporation (SINOSURE) and met with Mr. Pan Shuigen, secretary of the party committee and general manager of the Branch and other directors from the departments of project insurance management and settlement of claim & recovery of loss.
On behalf of Asiastar, Mr. Wu introduced Mr. Pan about our credit insurance development in recent years to express his heartfelt gratitude to Jiangsu Branch for its support and assistance over the years. He also said that as one of the strategic cooperation partners for the credit insurance industry in Yangzhou, Asiastar has always maintained mutual understanding, support, close communication and successful cooperation with the Branch, especially in 2017 and 2018. The fortunate implementation of export seller credit insurance and special insurance has provided vital assistance for the continuous expansion of Asiastar overseas business in the Middle East and Africa markets. Additionally, he also emphasized that the two sides would continue to deepen cooperation and strengthen management and control of potential risk for overseas export business in 2019 of the company.
Mr. Pan expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of Mr. Wu and his collogues. He said that as the old friend of SINOSURE, Asiastar has established profound trust and friendship with them in the long-term cooperation. In the meanwhile, he suggested that Asiastar should expand its market development in “the Belt and Road” region. In view of the markets have been developed, Asiastar should continue to adhere to the principle of “diversification” and avoid excessive concentration for the old markets and customers. At least, he indicated that Asiastar should take full advantages of SINOSURE to strengthen risk control and achieve comprehensive credit insurance coverage by its intervention in advance.
Mr. Wu highly agreed with Mr. Pan’s pertinent advises and hoped that the two parties would negotiate with the mid & long-term export insurance projects and the special insurance projects in 2019 to speed up Asiastar’s overseas business progress and enhance the comprehensive cooperation between the two sides.

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