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the Middle East Tourist Association Made a Visitation to Asiastar

2016/12/19 0:00:00


The chairman of tourist association from the Middle East area made a formal visitation to Asiastar in December 5th, 2016. The client has been developing in a close relationship with Asiastar in the early days, getting the first understanding of the company.
 With the guidance of salesman, the delegation took a tour around the chassis, welding, painting workshops and the advanced bus manufacturing equipment. The both sides open an equal and amicable negotiation about the related products and configurations and identified cooperative intentions. The customers were highly complementary about the product quality, manufacturing capability and production status of Asiastar and grateful for the hospitable reception. In the meanwhile, the both parties signed a strategic agreement about developing and promoting the Middle East market.
In the new year of 2017, Asiastar will continue to carry out a long-term marketing development in the Middle East by cooperating with distributors and clients to let the people around the world know more about Asiastar with its products and increase the market share in this area.