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The Middle East Clients Visit Yaxing

2016/8/11 0:00:00

The Middle East has been constantly one of the most influential trade cooperation partners for China, playing an interconnected role in the time-honored history of the Belt and Road. As a leading enterprise in bus manufacturing industry, Yaxing has been taking part in the bus projects by contacting the Middle East clients from different places, and received favorable feedbacks and constructive suggestions.

Imbued with expectation and aspiration, the Middle East clients arrived in Yangzhou and started a friendly visit on August 8th, 2016. With the guidance of salesman, the clients took a tour around the chassis, welding, painting workshops and the advanced bus manufacturing equipment. The both sides open an equal and amicable negotiation about the related products and configurations and identified cooperative intentions. The customers were highly complementary about the product quality, manufacturing capability and production status of Yaxing and grateful for the hospitable reception.
With the admirable beginning of entering the Saudi Arabia market, Yaxing is increasingly confident about market development and providing high-quality after-sales service for the people in this area. Looking into the future, Yaxing will spare no efforts to achieve its development objectives and great development blueprint to make contributions to the clients around the world.