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Asiastar Embarks A New Journey to Taiwan

2015/10/27 0:00:00


Our staff from manufacturing and after-sales service sent ASIASTAR chassis with Weichai golden power assembly to Taiwan in September, 2015. The chassis was dismantled after being adjustment test in our factory due to the special trade policy of Taiwan. And they finished chassis assembling and vehicle adjustment in Taiwan.


The chassis is designed on the basis of the specification of YBL6123H and client’s specific requirements. Moreover, it is equipped with Weichai golden power assembly, Weichai engine meeting the standard of Euro V Emission, Fast transmission and Hande axle, which are the advantages in dynamic and economical aspects as well as our core competitive strength.


It is known that the manufacturing and after-sales service staff took part in the chassis craftsmanship and production progress in order to hand it over with top-notch quality. As a result, we are delighted to see that the product gains an increasingly favorable reputation from Taiwan friends.




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