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Yaxing Held a Product Promotion Press in The Philippines

2015/10/26 0:00:00


Philippine has becoming China’s largest bus-exported market in South East Asia in recent years. With advanced public transport, bus is the residents’ first choice for traveling. The number of the buses exported to the Philippines has boosted for three years, which indicates that we have a promising future about this market.



In May, 2015, Chen Yu and Zhu Aijian from Overseas Sales Department of Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach held a product promotion press in Manila Diamond Hotel, the Philippines. More than twenty bus-transport companies took an active participation in the press with the support of our Philippine partner. The two managers gave detailed explanations to the clients in the aspects of commercial policy, technical specification, and after-sales service of Yaxing and gained a good reputation from customers.


Where there´s a will, there´s a way. Yaxing Overseas Sales Department received a lot of bus enquiries just in the end of this product promotion press and got the first order of five units ultimately. We believe that we will have a favorable opportunity and future not only in Philippine market but in other areas of South East Asia only if we work together as one and surmount the difficulties in front of us.

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