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1.Power generation device

        Electric generator and its wiring terminals, belt pulley and its bearing, leather belt, electromagnetic clutch, No. 47 wiring harness and its water-proof terminal, minimum circuit breaker, thin-film capacitor, rectifier bridge, three IGBTs, maximum circuit breaker, copper bars, super-capacitor and lithium battery, and the mainboard of the control system.

Key parts to be maintained: Electric generator and its wiring terminals

Location of the accessory: on the right of the engines when looking to vehicle head.

Photo of the accessory: see the image on the right (Image 1-1)

Maintenance method: 1. Open the lid on the terminal box to check whether the terminals are connected firmly; 2. Use the blower gun to clean the dust on the electric generator.

Meaning: discover the loosened terminals that may result in default phase (s) of the electric generator, which has great influence on the service life of the electric generator. Eliminate influence of dust on the electromagnetic clutch and increase the heat dissipation efficiency of the electric generator.

Maintenance time: during the second time of maintenance .


2.  Belt pulley and its bearing

Location of the accessory: the belt pulley and its bearing are installed on the axle of the electric generator.

Photo of the accessory: see the image on the right (Image 1-2)

Maintenance method: this part mainly focuses on the maintenance of the bearing (see Image 1-2):

Open the lid, and a hexagonal jackscrew can be seen; unscrew it and an oil filler hole hole can be seen; and then add grease into the hole.

Meaning: add grease to the bearing to ensure that the bearing has enough grease, because the bearing may be damaged and consequently blocked if the bearing is in short of grease. In which case, the vehicle may stop due to high-voltage trip.

Maintenance time: about every 20 days per time or during the second time of maintenance

3.  Leather Belt:

Location of the accessory: belts of the electric generator and belt pulley of the electric generator and belt of the air-conditioner

Photo of the accessory: see the image on the right (Image 1-3)

Maintenance method: the belts shall be tensed when they become loosened and shock intensively. Maintenance of belt of the electric generator: unscrew the two bolts showed in the following image, rotate the belt clockwise, and then screw the two bolts. Finally, check whether the tension bracket is loosened, and tense it if so.

Meaning: prevent belt creep that may have influence on voltage of the electricity generated. Prevent belt off in order to ensure the normal operation.

Maintenance time: tense the belt whenever the belt is loosened or during the second time of maintenance of the vehicle.