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The Maintenance for Air Filter

2014/3/14 0:00:00

The maintenance for air filter
Pay attention! The security filter element can’t be cleared up. Please make the replacement of the exterior one well as security filter element.
The function of air filter is supposed to clear up the dirt and impurities in the air of engine in order to make purification of air and lessen the wear-and-tear between cylinder and piston, pistons and spare parts of valves.
The vehicle makes the utilization of dry-type air filter whose replaceable filter element is manufactured by gum paper in the corrugated shape to make the maximum filter space.
The air-inlet of air filter is connected between pipe and pre-filter, in the meanwhile, its air-outlet is linked between pipe and air-inlet of press machine of turbo pressure booster.
The filter element will become dirty after it is used for some time, which means the air inlet resistance of air filter will be increased. When the resistance reaches more than 6.25kpa, the engine will roll up smoke or be insufficient of power because of lacking for air supply.
The air resistance indicator (or alarming indicator on the instrument) installed in the Yaxing Bus Series is used to check plugging-up in the air filter. If the indicator or alarming lamp is out of service, you should check air filter or replace it based on dust content of air.
a        The vehicle running in the condition of high dust content of air should be cleared up or replace filter element after keeping operation in 2500km to 5000 km.
b Please stop the bus to clean the air filter or replace its element if it is block.
The methods of cleaning exterior filter element
1)   a. Knock on the filter element to let dust fall down
2)    b.  to blow down dirt on the surface of filter element along bevel direction by a dryer with the pressure less than or equal to 0.5MPa.
3)    c. The cleaning of filter element by oil or water is strictly forbidden.
Please make the replacement of the exterior one well as security filter element based on the following conditions.
Do clear up all the dust inside the filter cover before changing filter element for the purpose of preventing dust entering into engine.
1)      a.the exterior filter element damaged, the cleaning-up for exterior filter element more than five times
2)       b. Alarming lamp is flashing when you finishing the installation of the exterior filter element
3)       c.Vehicle running 48000km